Scuba Diving Lessons Class

       100 Percent Prefect Safety Record for
1000's of New and Advanced Divers with
35 Years of Quality Training and Instruction

Are you ready for a New and
Exciting underwater  Experience?”  

Start By Taking One of Our Scuba Diving Classes!

Our 35 years of experience have proven to us that over and over again....quality scuba diving training is the key for the most diving enjoyment.  Well-trained divers are relaxed, comfortable divers - ready for the challenges of the sport.  And like all sports, the more you do it, the better you get!  Diving can lead to adventures ranging from an enjoyable vacation activity to an exciting lifetime profession. 

Choosing H2O Scuba Center for all of your scuba lessons means you're not satisfied with anything less than the best.  We appreciate your choice and we are absolutely dedicated to ensuring you are trained in a program tailored to your specific needs; an H2O sanctioned course that incorporates the best blend of time-proven and progressive methods.

Day or Evening classes forming weekly
Private Instruction available Discount rates for groups of 6 or more!

        Open Water Class:  This is your beginning step.  As soon as it's completed and certified, you'll be able to enjoy the underwater experience just as much as a seasoned diver.  The class includes a student kit with Training Video, Student Manual, Student Workbook, Dive Tables and a Subscription to Dive Training monthly magazine.  The standard course consists of 3 classroom sessions that are approximately 2.5 hours each and 3 pool sessions that are also approximately 2.5 hours each.  H2O provides gear (BC, Regulator, Air Tank, Weights and Weight Belt) for each pool session.  Once instruction is complete, you'll apply those newly learned skills during your Open Water Certification Checkout.  Classes are taught by Master Dive Instructor, Mike Crocker who has 35 years Scuba experience and a perfect safety record.

        Advanced Scuba  Certification:  With a minimum of 24 Logged Dives and 4 Specialty Courses you can become an Advanced Diver.  You'll learn more about underwater navigation, buoyancy control, deep diving and night diving.  The course includes classroom lectures and video, pool sessions, a written test and open water skill evaluations. Rangers:  For those adventure loving kids under 14, this is a great introduction to Scuba skills and training.  The course includes 3 classroom sessions, 3 pool sessions, certification test and open water skill evaluation.  Kids will love all the extras...Video, T-Shirt, Scuba Ranger Towel!!

        Specialty Scuba Diving Courses: We offer courses in Underwater Photography, Stress and Rescue, Nitrox Certification, Boat Diving, Deep Diving and more. 

        Open Water Certification Checkout:
          You can choose several options for your Check-Out.  During April through October you can join us at the lake in Heber Springs, Arkansas or the quarry in Madison, Alabama.  Trips are scheduled twice monthly.  Vortex Springs, Florida is another destination that we use from October through March.  H2O provides certified gear such as BC, Regulator, Wet Suit, Tank, Weights / Weight Belt for a nominal rental fee.  Please feel free to contact our Memphis or Jackson shops for pricing, or you may fill out the inquiry form.  Air Fills, Skill Testing and Boat/Marina usage is provided.  Students are responsible for transportation, food and accommodations.

        **SAFETY REQUIREMENT!!**    
        Students are required to use H2O certified gear for
        checkout which is available for rent at either of our shops. 
        If you own, borrow or purchase your equipment elsewhere, please make an appointment with H2O Scuba Center to have your equipment checked, tested and certified by an H2O Instructor two weeks PRIOR to your check out certification. 
        Nominal Charges will apply.

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